• Freelance Marketing Consultant

      About me

      I’m a Qualified Chartered Marketer, father to two small boys, amateur chef and enjoy wine, port and beer. I believe it is important for people to know a little bit about me if they are going to work with me. I love watching cricket and rugby and remain hopeful one of my offspring will show enough potential to play for England! In the meantime, we enjoy watching cricket together. You will regularly find me watching cricket at the Oval and Lord’s.

      I’ve spent much of my career working in the insurance sector. A highly regulated industry. I’ve worked in both direct and intermediated marketing roles, including as an internal consultant to other businesses. One of the highlights of my career was the chance to work on secondment with an independent ‘dot com’ company back in 2000. I helped set up an innovative credit insurance website.

      In recent years, my primary focus has been on digital marketing and its integration with ‘traditional’ marketing channels. The continuing evolution of the search engines is a constant source of fascination to me. They are becoming increasingly sophisticated in the way they try to help us find the information we want. And we are using them to help us navigate all aspects of our lives.

      A recent trend I have noticed has been the move for consumers to ‘buy local’. I see it in myself with the increasing number of specialist retailers I actively seek to support. It is that trend that has guided me towards my desire to work with such businesses. I want them to succeed because I value their offering.

      If you are a local business and feel you have something different to offer, but you just aren’t getting the local recognition you desire, then I’d love to chat with you. Please get in touch for a chat.