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      American Express Shop Small – Check Your Listing

      American Express Shop Small – Check Your Listing

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      American Express Shop Small – Check Your Listing

      American Express are launching a major marketing initiative encouraging cardholders to shop at small local businesses.

      Amex Shop Small marketing campaign

      For every £10 spent in one transaction, cardholders get a £5 credit. I don’t know the commercial terms of the offer and it wouldn’t surprise me to discover that shops are, at least in part, being asked to fund this. However, one thing that struck me as a cardholder was the ongoing lack of accuracy in the location data. Looking at the participating businesses in Reigate and Redhill, I immediately noticed a number whose location ‘pins’ were clearly not in the right locations.

      Why Does Location Data Matter?

      Search engines are increasingly localised. Have you noticed how Google now returns local businesses first in the search results so frequently now? By offering localised results, Google hope to provide better answers to the questions being asked by their users. In the case of Amex, they are seeking to grow their business by making Amex more relevant to small businesses.

      Are You An American Express ‘Shop Small’ Business?

      If your business accepts Amex, check your details on the ‘Shop Small‘ website. If they are wrong, read on!

      It looks like Amex are making it very easy for merchants to update their data. Log into your details at https://www.amexshopsmall.co.uk/map-feedback/.

      You will need your American Express merchant account number to validate your identity. Once validated, you can check the location shown for your business and correct this. You may take the view that your customers already know where you are, but this isn’t just about existing customers. Amex is encouraging their members to visit new businesses – and they are offering a ‘Directions’ link from the website. Don’t risk prospective new customers being frustrated trying to find you!

      Whilst you are thinking about location accuracy, take a few minutes to check the following are correct:

      • Google Maps: check your business location is shown correctly with accurate information about you?
      • Does your business have a Facebook Page with accurate location and contact data?
      • Bing –  this may not be the most used search engine, but you should check your business details.
      • Yelp – less well known but increasingly used for retail, dining and service businesses.

      There are many other directory listings that use location. Consistency across these is key, but you can easily manage them with a little time and focus. If you need any help identifying and managing your business profile online, please get in touch.


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