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      Brand Visibility On Social Media

      Brand Visibility On Social Media

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      Brand images at Lord's

      Cricket Ireland at Lords, 7th May 2017

      Brand Visibility On Social Media

      Brand visibility is a pet subject of mine. I am not a creative designer. I envy those who are able to create visual images that resonate with people. But I have spent a lot of time¬†working with brand identities. I spent and enjoyable day at Lord’s, seeking to inspire my children’s love of cricket. It also reminded me how often brands forget to consider the real life uses of their visual identities when creating them.

      Take a look at this image. (You can click on it to open a larger version.) For the camera buffs among you it was taken with a 18-55mm lens. I understand that at the maximum telephoto range of 55mm, that is roughly equivalent to what the ‘naked eye’ sees. That seemed about right to me on the day. What struck me was how difficult it was to see the brand images for the corporate boxes in the mound stand. There is no brand visibility for the majority of the crowd. I accept that for some brands, visibility may not be top of their agenda when entertaining guests at Lord’s. And it seemed to me something of a slight to Cricket Ireland that some of the boxes were not even being used!

      But my real issue is not with the logos as they appear at Lord’s on what are probably about 4m x 1m advertising hoardings. It is the way those logos then translate to other use.

      Social Media

      Social media is an important channel for most businesses these days. Whether that be the use of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram or one of the other platforms doesn’t really matter. The issue I have is the number of brand who have brand identities that don’t appear to have been designed with social media in mind. Nearly every social media channel uses some form of ‘profile’ image that appears in almost every instance of the brand being mentioned. Those images are inevitable quite small and square. How many brands have visual identities that get full value from such a canvas? If you are Nike or Apple and benefit from having a recognisable image that people instantly associate with your brand, life is easy. But remember also how much money those companies put into brand advertising and ensuring we do associate the ‘tick’ and the ‘apple’ with their companies.

      Not every business has the budget of a Nike or Apple, but you can include social media considerations when designing a logo or when thinking about how variations of your logo will be used. Nike have versions of their logo that are just the ‘tick’ and versions that include the company name as well. Reinforcing our mental association between the image and the company name.

      Top Tips For Brands On Social Media

      1. If you are creating a new brand, make the use of the artwork on social media a key part of your brief to the agency you are using. Be aware that the specifications occasionally change, so don’t push the size limits too much!
      2. Ensure you define the brand colours as part of your brand ‘bible’ and use those wherever possible to reinforce the connection between those colours and your brand.
      3. Twitter allows you to choose your own background colour for your profile. Consider setting this to one of your brand colours.
      4. Try and claim a consistent name for your brand across the social networks you use.
      5. Be consistent with the brand image you use across the social networks.

      Looking at the brands in view, Pedigree (beer sponsors of England Cricket!) probably win my prize for most useful branding. Whoever was using the box between Liberty Special Markets and Baker McKenzie loses! Can anyone work out who it is?!


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