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      Facebook – A Local Matchmaker For Businesses?

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      Facebook – A Local Matchmaker For Businesses?


      According to Facebook, there are something like 35,000 active Facebook accounts in Redhill & Reigate each month. For a local business, that is a very attractive audience to target. That number only includes personal accounts for users aged 18+ years old.

      I follow a number of local businesses that appeal to me as a consumer, but rarely do their posts cause me to stop and pay attention like the post below last week from my favourite local butcher, Robert & Edwards in Reigate.

      So why did I pay attention? Because it touched on a number of factors that appealed to me very personally.

      • Firstly, I like the product that they sell and I know it is always good quality.
      • Secondly, it provided me with some inspiration for a different meal. One that on a quick review, seemed fairly easy to cook.
      • Lastly, I learnt something I didn’t know – that we have a talented local Indian chef in Hari Ghotra!

      With Indian cooking being something of a hobby for me, I popped into Robert and Edwards on Saturday morning for some lamb mince. Thankfully they had it in stock and tonight we tried Hari Ghotra’s recipe. Four clean plates were testament to the recipe and it is one I have filed away for future use.

      As to the recipe for using Facebook as a local business, here is what I recommend:

      • Know your customer and appeal to them;
      • Be visual – a strong image will catch people’s attention;
      • If you can work with other local businesses, even better. It allows each business to extend their reach;
      • Give your customers reason to act and ask them to do so.

      If there was one thing that this post could have done better, it was assuring me that they had plenty of lamb mince in stock and perhaps tempting me with a special offer! I did go in. I did find lamb mince available and I did end up spending more money at the same time. And I was very happy doing so.


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