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      How To Use Google Analytics Segments

      How To Use Google Analytics Segments

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      How To Use Google Analytics Segments

      Google Analytics - new segment button

      So, you’ve got Google Analytics installed and running on your website, but the increasing range of reports and data is leaving you uncertain what conclusions you can draw. Did you know that you can very easily apply filters to the data, allowing you to understand how different segments of your website visitors are interacting with your content? Google Analytics segments allow you to filter your data in this way.

      As a local business, you are probably very keen to understand the way local residents view your content. Did you know that Google Analytics allows you to compare different filtered sets of data?

      Imagine if you could see which content was most used by visitors in your local city or town? Perhaps you want to know if the content you have produced is more appealing to local users. Do they spend more time on your website, or visit more pages?

      All of this can easily be done by creating a Google Analytics segment that filters traffic for your local town or city.

      How To Create a Google Analytics Segment

      If you want the quick solution to this, you can download a segment I have created for Redhill & Reigate business owners. Log in to your Google Analytics account and download my segment to use on your account for free. Simply select whether you want to use the segment for all views, or just a particular one.

      Alternatively, to create your own location-based segment from scratch:

      Google Analytics Segments

      (Click image to enlarge it)

      In your ‘reporting’ view, click on the button to ‘+Add Segment’.


      Google Analytics - new segment button

      (Click image to enlarge it)

      Click on the ‘+NEW SEGMENT’ button.



      Google Analytics - Create Segment

      (Click image to enlarge it)

      Select your segment criteria, name the segment and save it.




      How To Apply Your Google Analytics Segment

      Once you have downloaded or created your own segment. It is very simple to apply.

      1. Click on the ‘Add Segment’ button;
      2. Navigate to the ‘Custom’ segments;
      3. Select the name of the segment you wish to apply and check the box next to it.
      4. Click on the ‘Apply’ button.

      You are now seeing your data in a comparison view, showing ‘All’ website traffic compared to a filtered set of data for the criteria you have specified.

      If you need some help understanding your Google Analytics data, please get in touch and see how I can help you.


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