• Freelance Marketing Consultant

      Marketing Services

      My primary interest is working with local, smaller and online businesses that I genuinely believe will benefit from my marketing services. By taking this approach, I can be confident that my services will help you achieve the objectives you have set for your business. 

      The areas where I can help your business include:

      Website Development

      Do you have a clear strategy for your website? Is it clear to your customers what you expect them to do when they land on your website? My services can include working with you and your website developers to deliver that.

      Website Analytics

      Do you know how your customers are using your website? Let me show you how to use the various free tools available to track the way your website is used. I will then use this data to help you improve your website content and structure.

      Content Marketing

      Why not let me write your website and newsletter content for you. I can write to a brief or suggest, research and write content for you. Let me show you how to write content suitable for your website and social media channels.

      Email Marketing

      Email is still one of the most important marketing tools. I can help you build a ‘permissioned’ marketing database, create visual emails with strong calls to action, build online surveys and evaluate the response to those. Not sure which email tool to use? Talk to me for some advice.

      Social Media Marketing

      Is your company represented on social media? Which channels are you using? Let me show you how to grow an audience and engage with that audience in a way that will help you achieve your business objectives.

      As a freelance marketing consultant, I can be very flexible in how I work for you. I take this approach because I want you to be confident that the marketing sevrices I provide constitute an investment in your business, not incurring a cost. Talk to me about your businesses challenge and I’ll let you know how the marketing consultancy services I offer could help. I’m always happy to meet and discuss your requirements.