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      New Facebook Pages Post Options

      New Facebook Pages Post Options

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      New Facebook Pages Post Options

      Facebook Page post options

      Facebook have launched a range of new options for local businesses sharing updates via their ‘Page’. The options all appear designed to help businesses focus more on driving relevant actions from the updates they share. The options now comprise:

      • Share a photo or video
      • Get phone calls
      • Get messages
      • Help people find your business
      • Create an event
      • Create an offer
      • Write a note

      How do the new options work?

      Some of these are existing options, reworked to help make them easier to use. Options to drive more phone calls or messages, or to create an offer, are new ways of helping businesses drive the actions that ultimately help their customers.

      • Get phone calls – not only does this include a great ‘Call now‘ button, but you can select from your full range of images to create powerful message. Consider using a tool such as Canva to create bespoke images if you need. Don’t forget, you can still schedule the message for the best time too.
      • Get messages – very similar option to phone calls, but includes a ‘Send message‘ prompt for the reader. Could work really well for businesses who want prospective customers to get in touch to request a free giveaway.
      • Help people find your business – this includes a ‘Get Directions‘ button which opens a map from mapping service, ‘Here‘. Could be used in conjunction with event reminders perhaps.
      • Write a note – A very simple type of post with an image, title and body text option.
      • Offers – something very new! See the image below for more details of what is ‘on offer’:

      New Facebook offers

      Looking at the options, this is set up to work for both on and off-line businesses. It allows four types of offer to be managed:

      1. Percentage off
      2. Amount off
      3. BOGOF – buy one, get one free
      4. Free stuff

      How Should Your Business Use The New Facebook Post Options?

      My first advice is to review all of your business data and ensure it is correct. The phone call, message and mapping options all use the account data in your profile. If that is wrong, you will be giving your customers incorrect information! Go to your page’s ‘About’ and check the ‘Overview’ and ‘Page Info’ sections are complete and accurate.

      Secondly, think about how you can integrate these options into your existing marketing activity. Use the ‘Offers’ option to help promote any existing offers you have running. If you have an event organised, add it to your Facebook page.

      If you want any advice or help setting up and managing a Facebook page for your business, please get in touch.


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