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      Twitter Dashboard – The Listening Tool From Twitter

      Twitter Dashboard – The Listening Tool From Twitter

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      Twitter Dashboard – The Listening Tool From Twitter

      Twitter Dashboard – A New Way To Manage The Conversations About Your Business


      Twitter Dashboard is the new platform designed to help businesses experience Twitter’s mission to:

      Make Twitter the best place to talk with and about business.

      With that in mind, Twitter’s recent announcement that they are making it easier for business to offer their customers the ability to talk with them via Twitter Direct Messaging makes a lot of sense. Take a look at this recent Tweet from Twitter’s advertising account:

      What does Twitter Dashboard offer a smaller business?

      • The ability to highlight your availability to followers;
      • You can advertise the times you are most responsive to enquiries;
      • Choose to accept direct messages from anyone, not just those who follow you and you have also followed back;
      • You can set intro text in the messaging stream for anyone contacting you via Twitter messages.

      Twitter has also introduced a couple of tools directly onto their platform that previously required third-party tools to use. It is now very easy to create a feed of tweets on very specific subjects, something that will help businesses to find the conversations that are taking place ‘about’ them rather than with them. The feed is designed to help a business respond quickly where they wish to do so. Secondly, Twitter has simplified the process of scheduling a Tweet for later transmission. If you know your brand has a time sensitive event happening, schedule some of your content when you know your followers will be listening.

      In a recent update on their strategy, Twitter suggested that 1:1 brand conversations on the platform lead to word of mouth activity and people are 44% more likely to tell others about their experience, either on or offline. My own experience recently with Fullers Brewery, shown below, is a perfect example. I’ve lost count of how many people I have verbally shared my experience with.

      If you would like to know more about how you can use Twitter to engage in the conversation your customers may already be having about you, why not get in touch.


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